Equippers City Church YouTube Channel

       We invite you to subscribe to the new Equippers City Church YouTube Channel.  Equippers City Church          is excited to announce the launch of our YouTube Channel!  On the channel you can view 15-20 minute            messages from Apostle Warren's Sunday teachings.  This is not only a way to hear the word but also a              form of outreach.  As we continue in the theme of evangelism, YouTube is another vehicle to get the word        of God out to the nations.  

       YouTube Basics:

You have to subscribe to the channel to be notified by email every time a new video is posted. SUBSCRIBE HERE

If you enjoy the video, "like" it by giving it a thumbs up.

Share the video through your social media channels or email a video directly to a friend. 

      We thank you in advance for partnering with us to take the word that's taught at Equippers and share it            with the world.