Theme Verse

"The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those (women) that published it."   Psalm 68:11

The Vision

Our vision is to empower a company of women who are spiritually resourced and exercising the will of God in every season of life.

As a ministry we will provide strategic opportunities
to restore their vision, to resource their lives
and connect them with their destiny.
“I want to equip women to succeed wherever they are!”  - Apostle Carolyn


The Mission

To coach, mentor, and train women to pursue their God-given purpose, passions and ambitions.

The Goal

Spiritual Development which includes:

  1. Equipping you to your full measure to fulfill your purpose
  2. Helping you gain an understanding of the heart of leadership and service

Personal Development by:

  1. Developing your strengths
  2. Establishing a righteous value system
  3. Developing a personal mission statement

Practical Living Strategies that teach you:

  1. How to succeed in every season of life
  2. How to be confident yet feminine
  3. How to discover your personal & professional life balance